We don't know if the pineapple in our Real Blend will help you grow a mohawk but we do know it goes well with Apple, Celery, Spinach, Broccoli, Lemon, Spirulina and Lemon Myrtle.
We don't know if carrots will help you see in the dark, but we do know we only use real delicious carrots in our Real Blend
We don’t know if the peel of an apple will fall in the shape of a future love’s initial. But we do know that only real apples are used in Real Wholesome Blend.
We don’t know for sure if happiness is contained within each mango, but we do know that our Real Wholesome Blend will make you happy.
Is it true that celery is 95% water? We don't know. But one thing we do know is that only real celery is used in Real Wholesome Blend.
We don’t know if your mum meant it when she said ‘Eat your broccoli or you don’t get dessert’. But, we do know that you probably like broccoli by now.
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